Premium Area

Premium Area

A rank above the other areas, due to its complete privacy. Equipped with private parking, and a Premium Area Exclusive Sunset Wood Deck.

Premium Area
Vast, Completely Private Area Completely Private Area, separated out from other camping groups.
Exclusive Container House. The Exclusive Container House includes heating and cooling, as well as a private refrigerator, and more.
Exclusive Wood Deck. The Premium Area’s exclusive wood deck is ready for you.
Enjoy a fully private sunset view from here.
Premium Area Premium Area Premium Area

User Guide

Usage Fee 【1 Night 2 Days】Adult: ¥8,800 Child: ¥4,400
【One Night Extension】 Adult: ¥4,400 Child: ¥2,200
【Day Camping】Adult: ¥6,600 Child: 3,300
【Heated Shower】¥300
*Adults: Junior High School and above Children: Elementary School (No charge for children below Elementary School Age.)
*Posted prices include tax.
*Prices determined by the number of people in your party.
*Weekdays: Available for groups of 6 or more adults, Weekends and Holidays: Available for groups of 8 or more adults.
Hours of Use 【Check-in】 10:00 - 17:00 on the first day
【Check-out】 Until 17:00 on the second day
【Day Camp Use】 10:00 - 20:00
【Heated Showers】24-hours
Important Notices
  • Pets are prohibited.
Policy Re: Cancellations due to Weather Occasionally, announcements from the Meteorological Agency require that we close our facilities during dangerous weather.
We may also need to suspend operations suddenly when the day’s weather conditions make it unsafe to conduct business, and we ask for your understanding in advance.

We sincerely hope that our customers fully enjoy their time at our facilities, so if you feel the need to cancel your reservation due to an inclement weather forecast, you can do so free of cancellation fees, as long as you contact us by noon on the day prior to your reservation.
If you have paid in advance by credit card, your card will be reimbursed.
*Reimbursement timing varies according to credit card company.