Frequently asked questions, for your reference.
Please consult the following, and feel free to contact us if you still have questions.

Reservations Use of Facilities and Equipment Others


Can I pay with a credit card?
Credit cards are available.
Is there a cancellation fee?
We charge the following fees for cancellation.
Cancellation up to three days prior to your reservation No fee.
Cancellation one or two days prior to your reservation Fee of 50%.
Cancellation on the day of your reservation Fee of 100%.
Failure to appear, without notification Fee of 100%.
Policy Re: Cancellations due to Weather
Occasionally, announcements from the Meteorological Agency require that we close our facilities during dangerous weather.
We may also need to suspend operations suddenly when the day’s weather conditions make it unsafe to conduct business, and we ask for your understanding in advance.
We sincerely hope that our customers fully enjoy their time at our facilities, so if you feel the need to cancel your reservation due to an inclement weather forecast, you can do so free of cancellation fees, as long as you contact us by noon on the day prior to your reservation.
If you have paid in advance by credit card, your card will be reimbursed.
*Reimbursement timing varies according to credit card company.
Can I rent equipment on the day of my reservation?
Yes, depending on availability, but where possible we recommended reserving in advance.When making your reservation, please don’t forget to include the quantity of rental items you desire.

Use of Facilities

Until what time can I check-in, or pick up rental items?
Check-in is from 12:00 to 17:00 (Premium Area from 10:00 to 17:00), and rental items can be picked up until 17:00 as well.
Late arrivals can cause a disturbance for other guests, and for locals, so please be on time.
If it seems like you’re going to be late, please contact us by 15:00 to inform us.
How can I use the electrical outlet at the Auto-Camping sites?
You can use it to charge your phone, or power an electric kettle, or for an electric blanket in the winter time.
What is the area and voltage of the sites with electricity?
Area: 80-150m2. Voltage: 1500W, 15A.Ex: 1200W Hair dryer , 750W Electric Blanket.
Can I come and go at night?
Yes, we do not close our gates for the night, but for the comfort of all of our guests, we asks that you comply with our 22:00 lights-out policy.
Can I light fireworks?
Fireworks are not permitted at any of the campsites. Handheld fireworks alone are allowed, but only around the fire circle/open space in front of the administrative building. Please treat extinguished fireworks as burnable refuse, and taken to the burnable garbage disposal spots the following morning.
Do you provide assistance in pitching/assembling tents?
We can. If you have already tried to put up your tent yourself, and are having trouble, please ask the staff.
(During times of peak congestion, there may be a wait for assistance.)
Members of my group will be arriving separately? Can those who arrive first enter first?
Yes, if said members check-in on behalf of the whole group. In regards to the sites you intend to use, we ask that guests contact each other and handle those decisions amongst themselves.
Do you have bathing facilities?
We have showers, but no bathtubs.
If you’d like to take a bath, you can pay for a day pass to the grand bath at the nearby Kokumin Shukusha.
Do you provide amenities or dryers?
We do not provide amenities or dryers. You can rent a complete set of camping tools, or you can buy firewood, charcoal, soft drinks, beer, bug spray, and more at our store.
Do you have any playground equipment?
We do not have playground equipment.
On sunny days, we put up hammocks that you can use, free of charge.


Can I order BBQ ingredients?
Possible. For details, please see the meal courses with local ingredients.
Meal Courses
with Local Ingredients
Can I bring my pets?
Currently, we do not allow guests to bring their pets.